My English Learning Experience

Mis à jour : 9 févr. 2019

If you haven't started learning english yet, here is my own experience with this wonderful language.

When I started learning english, I didn't expect how useful it would be in my life.

In France, when you're a student, everybody tells you that you should learn english. But nobody tells you why it is so necessary to do so.

I remember when I was still a teenager, I used to listening to english songs. My favorite ones were the ones coming from America.

I was completely fascinated by this language! As an example, whenever Britney spears would release a new song, I would immediately try and understand the lyrics. At that time, the internet was not prominent, so I had to buy the newest celebrity magazine to check them.

Learning english at school had always been stimulating for me. I had never found that boring or difficult.

But, I felt that what I was taught at school wasn't enough and that I needed to know more about the language.

So my interest and my curiosity for the language led me to study a bit more.

Everything was fine with my written english level but I felt that we had never learned how to speak real english.

I could pronounce english words and sentences with ease. However, I was so shy when it came to expressing myself in english. I didn't understand what was wrong. After all, I was able to understand the most difficult parts of english grammar.

Then, I realized we had never actually learned how to practice verbal english.

That feeling increased when I was in High school.

We had to give our opinion in english and sometimes, I wouldn't even dare to do it.

I wished I could travel to an english speaking country but It wasn't possible at that time so I had to find another way.

A friend of mine, who had difficulty learning english wanted to improve her level. One day, she told me she was about to enroll as a student in " Wall street Institute". It sounded like a revelation to me. It was definitely a sign that I could solve my problem.

I had to take a decision..

If you want to know what happened next, stay tuned!

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